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Certificates and quality references

The following approvals and certifications exist for our company and our products:

- Quality management system in accordance with EN/AS 9100:2018
- Quality assurance requirements in accordance with QSF-A and QSF-B
EN/AS 9100:2018 certificate

Certificates for our company as a welding shop

- Quality system requirements for welding DIN EN ISO 3834-2

- Welding and soldering on a military aircraft according to DIN 2303 - Q1, Q2 and Q4
show DIN EN ISO 3834 certificate -German- (PDF)   DIN 2303 certificate

Requirements for welded products:

- for general aviation: to DIN 29595 (welding) DIN 65170 (brazing)
- for customers: e.g. according to customer requirements 80-T-34-6620, AIPS / AIPI 01-04-008 et al.
- industry: according to DIN ISO 5817

=> We would like to point out that in accordance with NfL II / 50-09 (German) the welder must have a valid qualification according to DIN ISO 24394 for all welds and soldering on the aircraft or on components installed in airplanes.

Our welding technicians (welders and operators) are qualified according to DIN ISO 24394 (welding) and DIN ISO 11745 (brazing) for the material groups:

A Steels, ferritic
B Stainless steels, high-alloyed
C Titanium
D Aluminum

Non-destructive tests are carried out according to:

- DIN ISO 19828 (Visual inspection)
- AITM, DIN ISO, EN 4179

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